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  • Beeswax Tea Lights (includes 4)

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    X5 Natural Beewax Tea Lights
    • 100% beeswax candle 4 hour burn time made with a cotton wick and contain no lead or metal.
    • Beeswax candles provide a pure and clean-burning flame that produces very little smoke.
    • The bright flame of a beeswax candle produces the same beautiful light spectrum as the sun.
    • Each candle will vary in shades of gold depending upon the flowers foraged and where the wax was used in the hive. Over time beeswax develops "bloom", a white powdery fog on the surface of the wax. It is not a flaw but a natural occurrence of the wax.
    • Set includes 5 candles wrapped in recyclable corrugated card, tissue paper & brown string.
    • Handmade, Made in UK    
    Why Burn Pure Beeswax? Natural beeswax, while burning, vibrates at the frequency of the spinal cord. Also great for: - meditation - energy cleansing and healing - romantic dinner - after work chill-out. Pure Beeswax Candles Emit Negative charged Ions. In the natural world, negative charged ions are in abundance, particularly in forests, at the beach and most intensely near waterfalls. This is a good part of the reason why you usually feel so great in these places and find it difficult to be tired or depressed. In fact people with allergies, sinus problems, and asthma have reported significant improvement in their symptoms, breathing better and sleeping better after burning the 100 percent beeswax candles in their bedrooms for three to four hours before bedtime.